Complex Automation Simplified

We design and deliver custom automation equipment. When facing new automation requirements, simple is better. Work with us on your new automation challenges. Let us show you how we use our experience and proven technologies to ensure a successful result that provides more uptime and ease of maintenance at a lower cost.

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Erlanger, Kentucky





Erlanger, Kentucky

Who We Are

We provide simple solutions to complex problems. Our broad expertise with custom machine automation, informed by our decades of experience, means we can tailor solutions to your precise needs, no matter the size or scope of your process.

We provide simple solutions to complex problems.



Engenesys gives mid- to high-volume manufacturers access to the custom automation expertise of much larger firms, without the added overhead for services you don’t need. And unlike small companies that work in one narrow specialty, we have a successful track record of delivering proven solutions across multiple industries.

Packaging Systems

Our custom packaging automation provides application-specific product handling and collation, connecting upstream product flow with standard secondary packaging equipment.


Vision Systems

We improve your quality output by applying the proper vision inspection systems to confirm 100% good parts are flowing to your customer.


Robot Automation

Our expertise with custom automation development allows us to apply robotic automation solutions to replace current human labor processes.


Material Handling

We design and build material handling systems using a combination of catalog equipment and custom designed machinery—saving you time, labor and cost with every deliverable.


Assembly Workstations

Our custom equipment solutions perform assembly and inspection functions for hand load and unload operations in a variety of manufacturing applications.


Linear Motion Technology

As part of the team that developed the original iTRAK®, we have in-depth knowledge of this track-based linear motion system that’s revolutionizing the packaging industry.



We deliver simple, low-risk solutions that optimize your productivity, machine uptime, safety and labor—no matter what sector.


“Very flexible company, open to ideas and very eager to learn and understand our needs.”


Project Manager, global automotive company

“They have experience across many sectors and bring unique skills to the table, including avoiding the “tunnel vision” of the automotive industry.”


Production Engineer at a global automotive manufacturer

“They’re the rare company that offers full-service engineering through fabrication—from problem analysis to final solution. The quality of their work is always excellent, and they’re always readily available. We’ve never had a concern working with Engenesys!”

Project Manager at an industrial automation company

We’ve been working with Engenesys for more than 10 years. They’re not one of those companies trying to squeeze you with the contract to get every last dime. They work to understand your needs, understand your business, and do the right thing by you.”


Project Engineer at a global aerospace company

“The team at Engenesys is wonderful, I wish everybody were like them. They develop solid technology, always think projects through, and listen to what we really want—not telling me what I want. Really like their flexibility and perseverance; when we’ve had to change the scope of a project, they changed direction with no complaints and just ran with it.”

Process Delivery Leader at a multinational consumer goods corporation

“Great guys. They’re talented, they have integrity. We started doing small jobs with Engenesys and we moved up to bigger projects. They’re quick and responsive, and can turn projects around quickly. And their pricing is very competitive.”

Lead Technician at a global automotive manufacturer

“[The] Engenesys team goes above and beyond to understand the real customer needs and work with all stakeholders to find smart solutions. Their lean approach results in cost-effective and win/win outcomes. Above all, their best quality is their transparency and sense of ownership.”  

Engineering Specialist, global automotive company

Engenesys has access to a quality network of fabricators, suppliers and technical assistance. And they’re always willing to accelerate schedules to meet customer requests. We can’t say enough good things about working with them!

Project Engineer at an industrial automation company