Why Engenesys

Because we simplify automation.

We understand that custom automation involves risk. In the end, our customers want a simple, cost-effective solution that just works. When you meet with our team, you will quickly recognize that we speak your language. We incorporate input from your team of experts to ensure that we take advantage of your industry knowledge about what works.

Our “whole-systems approach” means that we review and understand all of the inputs to and outputs from your automation system to provide a seamless integration at install.

Finally, we identify the unique requirements of your application and develop a custom solution that includes proven components and processes. Our goal is to provide a quick return on your investment with reliable automation that improves your production efficiency and reduces labor costs. The result? You get the benefit of a credible, trusted partner as your guide, and save on time, cost and labor.

How We Do It

We have all the resources necessary to execute your custom automation project—we have the experience necessary to produce a successful result. Concept, schedule and pricing is reviewed and confirmed by the senior leadership of the company.

Execution of mechanical and electrical/controls engineering work is managed by our experienced engineering team. When designing our equipment, we choose the most efficient manufacturing methods and cost-effective component standards to maintain project schedule and costs.

Our team of assembly technicians build the equipment, test it and support installation in the customer’s production facility. You will be assigned a project manager as your single point of contact for the duration of your project. The owners maintain involvement in projects and welcome direct communications from customers.

John Paselsky
John Paselsky
John Paselsky is a partner and co-founder of Engenesys. He shares responsibility for leadership of the firm and for managing our automation work on behalf of mid- to high-volume manufacturers.

John has more than 35 years of experience in the design and building of custom automation equipment for production environments, including complex packaging applications and material handling.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of Cincinnati, John spent 20 years in design and product development at R.A. Jones. There he led the development of several new equipment product lines and was a named inventor on multiple patents. John also earned his J.D. from the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University and maintains an active attorney’s license in the State of Kentucky.

A first-generation son of Ukrainian immigrants, John was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He and his family reside in Hebron, Ky.

Ric Bishop
Ric Bishop
Ric Bishop is a partner and co-founder of Engenesys. Since launching the company in 2009, he has shared responsibility for leading engagements with customers, from the design phase and sourcing through delivery and integration in production environments. He brings to our clients more than 25 years of experience in leadership roles with manufacturing and engineering firms, ranging from materials manufacturing to the custom design of precision tools and automation.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, Ric earned his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.

He volunteers in a local Scouts BSA troop and has served as a youth sports coach for his church. The Lima, Ohio, native currently resides in Burlington, Ky.

What We Do

Engenesys designs and builds custom automation equipment. We provide the required custom “missing links” in production processes that include a substantial amount of standard OEM equipment. We are the ideal partner for companies that have developed a new product and need custom equipment to produce it. No matter what industry we’re serving, we’re prioritizing simple, creative solutions—every project, every client, every day.

We also:

  • Design and build material handling, lift-assist systems and stand-alone workstations for automotive and other heavy manufacturing and assembly environments

  • Design and integrate robots and cobots into production applications

  • Develop simple custom automation solutions for medium- and high-speed packaging applications, with specific expertise in product collating and environmentally friendly unit packaging

  • Apply and integrate vision technology into automation and inspection systems

  • Have years of experience with iTRAK® Linear Motion systems and applications, including contributions to the initial design of iTRAK’s® mechanical elements

  • Work across industries—CPG, automotive and material handling—to provide simple, reliable and cost-effective solutions by drawing on our experience with the best practices of each of these industries


Engenesys was formed in August, 2009 by its two founding partners, John Paselsky and Ric Bishop. The two mechanical engineers combined their decades of design experience in the automotive industry (Ric) and packaging industry (John) to provide mechanical engineering design services for custom automation applications. Initial success was achieved with custom equipment designs for Frito Lay and Kraft Foods. Under contract with Jacobs Automation, the company made significant mechanical design contributions to the development of what is now the Rockwell iTRAK system, a revolutionary new technology for automation applications. In collaboration with engineers at Proctor and Gamble, Engenesys executed several custom robot end effector designs for P&G applications. A fortunate meeting at a trade show in 2013 led to the development of a strong and substantial business relationship with Toyota.

Customer needs eventually drove Engenesys to begin manufacturing its completed designs, and formed the basis for the company’s current business operations. Directed by its founders, Engenesys employs talented mechanical and electrical/controls engineers and applies its engineering capabilities to the design and manufacture of custom automotive and packaging automation. Engenesys has demonstrated the ability to successfully bring together the low-cost, short lead time requirements of automotive automation with the intricate function and high production rate demands of packaging automation. It is this experience through which the company has forged its reputation for “simple solutions to complex problems.”



“They’re the rare company that offers full-service engineering through fabrication—from problem analysis to final solution. The quality of their work is always excellent, and they’re always readily available. We’ve never had a concern working with Engenesys!”

Project Manager at an industrial automation company

Engenesys has access to a quality network of fabricators, suppliers and technical assistance. And they’re always willing to accelerate schedules to meet customer requests. We can’t say enough good things about working with them!

Project Engineer at an industrial automation company

“The team at Engenesys is wonderful, I wish everybody were like them. They develop solid technology, always think projects through, and listen to what we really want—not telling me what I want. Really like their flexibility and perseverance; when we’ve had to change the scope of a project, they changed direction with no complaints and just ran with it.”

Process Delivery Leader at a multinational consumer goods corporation

“Great guys. They’re talented, they have integrity. We started doing small jobs with Engenesys and we moved up to bigger projects. They’re quick and responsive, and can turn projects around quickly. And their pricing is very competitive.”

Lead Technician at a global automotive manufacturer

“[The] Engenesys team goes above and beyond to understand the real customer needs and work with all stakeholders to find smart solutions. Their lean approach results in cost-effective and win/win outcomes. Above all, their best quality is their transparency and sense of ownership.”  

Engineering Specialist, global automotive company

“Very flexible company, open to ideas and very eager to learn and understand our needs.”


Project Manager, global automotive company

We’ve been working with Engenesys for more than 10 years. They’re not one of those companies trying to squeeze you with the contract to get every last dime. They work to understand your needs, understand your business, and do the right thing by you.”


Project Engineer at a global aerospace company

“They have experience across many sectors and bring unique skills to the table, including avoiding the “tunnel vision” of the automotive industry.”


Production Engineer at a global automotive manufacturer

Who We Serve

Leading organizations in the Industrial/Automotive and CPG/Food & Beverage industries trust Engenesys for their custom machine automation needs. This is just a sample of our client list—we work with many others!





Erlanger, Kentucky





Erlanger, Kentucky